On this page you can apply for jobs to earn pearl

To apply for a job ask Annabel if you can do the job.

The pearl will come from the bank.

50 pearl wages per day Monday-Friday for awesome work at school

10 pearl to make crips and dips

10 pearl to feed the kitten (weighing out the food {80 grams} and giving breakfast and dinner)

10 pearl to clean kitten’s food area (fresh water, clean tray and food dish)

20 pearl to Wash load of clothes

20 pearl to light a good fire

20 pearl to get wood from the cellar

25 pearl to Empty the dishwasher

40 pearl to tidy a room (ready for hoovering)

40 pearl for fairly elaborate lunch

40 pearl to Hang out load of clothes

40 pearl to take down dry clothes and sort them

50 pearl to do the washing up and wash the oven top

50 pearl to hoover and clean stairs, landings and corridor

50 pearl for really tasty breakfast (eggy bread, pancakes etc.)

70 pearl to weed the front garden and pebbles

80 pearl to cook basic dinner (elaborate dishes priced on arrangement)

80 pearl to clean kitten’s litter tray

90 pearl to hoover downstairs rooms and corridor

300 pearl to Clean the Bathroom. (Floor,Walls,Sink,Toilet,Mirror,Wash mat,Place mat.)

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